massage therapy

Sometimes, you just want to stay home and enjoy our services. Not only will you receive the full benefits of any of the treatments, but you will have the added bonus of being in a familiar environment and avoid the hassle of driving anywhere. Do you know someone who is in the hospital and you want to help along with their recovery? Are you scheduled for surgery and feeling anxiety or stress about the procedure? Mobile Reiki treatments are a wonderful complement to regular medical care and may assist either yourself or a loved one through recovery, healing and wellness, or in times of needing to bring comfort and assist with pain management to those in palliative care. During a Reiki or Polarity treatment the client remains fully clothed. There is no manipulation of the skin or tissue. Reiki and Polarity are not a massage. Everything is done on an energetic level.

Equine Reiki is a non-invasive method for sharing life force healing energy with horses. This life force energy that makes up all living things can be focused to your horse allowing the healing energy to go where it is needed the most.

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